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I came here with the lady for her birthday. We went a few days ago, and it was closed, so we decided to try again. It didn’t register the first time as I didn’t get the name, and we were in and out, but the second time I looked around, and I recognized the place. It hit me that I had gone here some months ago with Charlie Scott and Peach. I looked around, and said “Babe, what place is this?” She said the name and it clicked. I’m silly.

Somehow I didn’t review the place the first time I went there. I’m slipping on my business reviews and really need to step my game up. The first time I went, I had a pasta dish, and I enjoyed it, but I can’t recall the details, so we will focus on this second visit.

Let’s talk about our waitress first, she was pretty friendly, and brought a nice vibe. The first thing I though of when I looked at her was this actress from the 80s! I showed her a picture and she laughed. She said next time that we come she would have a perm for me. Haha.



For appetizers we started with the fried calamari, and a Caesar salad. Even before I started this website, and started going on tv to review food, I would always humorously say “I am a caesar salad critic!” Well, it appears that I really have become one. Whenever I see a caesar salad on the menu, I must try it. London Lennie’s did not disappoint, the salad was fresh, flavorful, and crunchy. Definitely worth a repeat, hmmm, getting hungry talking about it. I want to go back here already!

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Next up was the calamari, this can go good or bad depending on how you make it. The key with fried calamari is that it cannot be greasy or soggy, that just makes it gross. You want it to be nice and crunchy. They got this right too, it was really good calamari. 3/3 so far! Good apps, and an awesome server! All sorts of winning happening here!

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As I mentioned, last time I had a pasta dish as my main course, this time I went with fish as that’s what they are known for, and I’m trying to eat clean overall. Even when I eat out! Our ninja waitress told us about a few specials of the day, and one of them was this fluke dish that I really wanted to try out, so I went with it. It was really good! That corn was so delicious too, as was the whole salad. London Lennie’s is fast becoming one of my favorite Queens restaurants!

IMG_9851 2

My lady went with a shrimp dish, and she was very happy with it. I tried the shrimp and it was really good.

IMG_9850 2

If you haven’t figured it out just yet, we loved this place, and I for one can’t wait to go back there!

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