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London Soldier killed with knives?

When debating gun violence with anti-gun people, I’ve always maintained that if a person wants to do damage, they don’t need a gun. Sadly the terrible attack on a British soldier in London is a perfect example. I bet that right now some of you are thinking “but there was only one victim, and that’s because they used a knife, there would be many more dead if they had guns”.

Now let’s be clear here, yes they could have killed more people with a gun, but they could also have killed more people with the knives too. The only reason that only one man was killed is because the attackers themselves did not want to hurt anyone else. It wasn’t because they were using knives and didn’t have guns. The soldier appears to be the main target and once they killed him they stopped. These guys then had the opportunity to go around talking with people, talking to cameras, and basically to hangout chilling with bloodied hands before the police eventually came. Oh, and I guess the regular police had to call the other police that has guns in London? During all that time, if they wanted to, they could have been killing. Such a joke.

If these guys had the intentions to hurt more people they could have massacred many more with those knives. They didn’t stop because it was too hard to kill more people, they stopped because they wanted to stop. One of the men even apologized on camera because he felt bad that some women had to see these heinous acts of violence.

We at Hidden Report send out our condolences and prayers to the friends and family of the deceased man. Rest in peace.

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Lesley Dupont
7 years ago

he was cut up alive in front of a school. it is sad Angel

Angel Rodriguez
7 years ago

Yes. Quite terrible. It’s just all a damn shame.

7 years ago

London Soldier killed with knives?

7 years ago

London Soldier killed with knives?

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