Lust for a moment

He felt lust for a moment. She asked him to share what he thought that one day they locked eyes before they were lovers. He said his thoughts were impure and embarrassing, she insisted he share. He shared.

As she stood there, he found himself looking at her lean legs. His eyes traveled to the front and the back of her lower body. He then continued up her torso and discreetly looked at her breast. He then found her beautiful face and gazed deep into the dark ocean of her eyes for a brief moment. Then they both looked away.

For that moment, he felt a light tingling and shifting deep down in his loins. His heart rate accelerated and his eyes became hungry with desire. He bit his bottom lip discreetly as this powerful desire flooded his body.

For that moment he wondered how her lips and mouth tasted. He wondered how she kissed and how soft her tongue would feel inside his mouth. His mind’s eye wondered what kind of underwear she wore, the color, the texture, and how it looked on her. He wondered about how she would look as her bra became undone revealing her tender breast. How her waist would appear to his eyes as her panties gently slid down her thin legs. He wondered what would she look like without any clothing on. Would she be shy, or would she embrace her naked beauty?

Still during that brief moment, he wondered how her body would feel against his bare skin. He thought about the sweetness between her legs and how she prefers to present it, how it would taste and smell as he passed his tongue inside her treasure. He wondered how it would feel to pull her close and enter into her body becoming one with her soul and body. As the moment continued, he wondered how her moans of passion would sound as he pressed his manhood deep inside of her tight warmth.

He felt himself getting excited and if he continued this line of thought, perhaps his passion would no longer remain a secret. He paused, looked away, shook his head, and focused elsewhere to clear his mind of that desire and the powerful lust he felt for a moment.

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