So recently netflix release “Luther” the fallen sun. This film is a continuation of the series called “Luther” by the BBC. However, instead of watching the movie, though they say you can watch it without doing so, we decided to watch all 5 seasons of the series first before watching the movie.

After watching this series, I am fairly knowledgeable about the British detective rank structure. I am also very confused as to how the police operate without proper firearms. There were so many scenes were Luther gets hurt by a criminal with a weapon, be it a knife, a bar, or a gun. Yet, they have nothing to defend themselves with. Its hilarious to see a british cop say, “Put your hands on your head, I am the police,” meanwhile, he’s unarmed and the bad guy is not. Like dude, wtf? You think he’s gonna listen to you?

I don’t want to get into that too much, but there were so many scenes where I was extremely irritated because of the fact that these people are supposed to be protecting people and enforcing the law, but they are severely outmatched by their opponents and criminals. Mind boggling. I guess since I live in the U.S it doesn’t make sense to me to see unarmed police trying to police society.

It’s funny cause these criminals are clowns and they get away with it. There was one dude with like a hammer and about 50 people started running away from him. This one dude with a hammer and because they all ran, he kept killing and killing. All it takes is like one brave dude to take down a guy with a hammer, not to mention 50 of them? Running? SMH.

In any case, Luther is a detective, and he’s a really, really good one. The thing is that like many great detectives, he sometimes finds himself skirting the line between doing what’s right, what needs to be done, and what is allowed. He’s a good man, and a good cop, but he does what needs doing.

I feel really bad for his character cause he never seems to catch a break. He’s constantly in a state of stress and things always go from bad to worse for him. I didn’t expect it, but I hoped that in the movie things might improve for him and the guy could just be happy. However, though it may come down the road, it hasn’t happened just yet.

If you are planning to watch the film, you could just jump straight into it. Idris Elba himself said that on tiktok. But I think it was more enjoyable to watch the whole series first, though not necessary. It’s really not that long, the seasons are fairly short, I think one of them had like two episodes. I know the show is fairly old, but it is still very much a great watch, especially if you plan to see the movie. It will make you that more invested and you’ll know Luther that much more. Totally worth it in my opinion.

Please note, I’m talking about the Luther series starring Idris Elba, I saw the one below and it looks like a French remake of it or something. That’s just weird bruh!

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