iPhone iMessage flaws!

Generally, when you switch a phone, or a phone company, for that matter, there is nothing too complicated to it. You take your Sim card out, put it into the other phone, and stuff just works. That’s the way it usually is, and that’s the way it should be. Well, not when it comes to Apple’s iPhone product it isn’t!

When you leave Apple’s iPhone, any friends who have an iPhone will be unable to text message you. You may be familiar with Apple’s iMessage, the proprietary Apple text messaging system. Well, when you use iMessage, your text messages are routed via Apple’s server, so they take over your number in that sense.

When a friend of yours messages you from an iPhone, the system thinks you are still using iMessage, your friend will believe that their messages are coming to you, but in fact, they are floating out there in limbo. Never making it to your new phone.

I cut over to an Android phone, it is now two weeks later, and some friends still can’t message me, including my own son. If you have cut over from an iPhone, to an Android phone, or another system, you may encounter this issue.

There are two ways that you can handle this, something that you would THINK that your phone company would be aware of and take steps to make sure it is done correctly.

Before leaving your iPhone, you should go into the settings and disable iMessage, this is probably the simplest way to handle this situation. The other method, which has only worked for a few people that message me, some still cannot, is to call up Apple and have them remove your number from their iMessage servers.

I’m assuming and hoping that soon everyone will be able to message me, but as of right now; the problem still exists for some users. I’m thinking it’s possible that their service providers have me listed as an iMessage contact on their routing tables? I simply don’t know.

Last step I took was to delete my contact information from my son’s phone and re-add myself back on again. He hasn’t tried to message me yet, but I’m hoping that this may work. Has any of you encountered this particular issue, and if so, can you please share your solutions?

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