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Major Gripe With Apple's Iphone 7

You damn well know where I am going with this! The headphone jack, the damn headphone jack! Let’s just go ahead for a moment and say, for argument’s sake that I like in ear headphones, which they so graciously provide us with, which I do not like. But, let’s just forget about that, let’s just go ahead and say I like them okay? Okay.

I am a fitness instructor, and you know how I connect my phone, which has my fitness playlist to the gym’s system? Let me show you how I do that.


That’s right you jerks, I do it with the motherfreaking aux cable that goes into the damn audio jack! That’s how I, and most other instructors do it! Now, I see that the Apple God’s will be providing us with a connector of sorts, and that’s sort of okay, for now. But it is an extra piece to carry, and extra piece to break, and ultimately, an extra piece to pay for.

I know the industry is headed towards wireless connections for everything, and I think that long term this will be really cool. As the pioneers of this movement, and the ones who will have to adjust all our crap to meet their new technological advances, at present time I find it a bit annoying. If they weren’t giving us that free converter, then I’d really be pissed off and entirely boycott the new phone! But it seems that they are not that stupid.

Anyway, how do you feel about this change away from the audio jack?

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