Major Payne

This is a really old movie, but I don’t remember ever having watched it before. So for me, it is a new movie.

This is your typical nonsensical military comedy. Major Payne is a highly trained, psychotic killer. The problem is that he’s so good that he’s killed everyone that needed killing. The military actually runs out of people for him to kill. This is a comedy, and silly, but the military or any other service discarding you after you’ve “outlived your usefulness” is quite real and actually not very funny.

In any case, he comes out and spends a bit of time in the civilian world but cannot adapt. So, his superiors have a brilliant idea, what better role for a killer than to put him in charge of a bunch of JROTC rejects to mold?

From there, the movie proceeds exactly as one would expect. He goes nuts on the kids and is often reprimanded for his extreme disciplinary methods. He tries to teach them to be soldiers in his own crazy way. They in turn try to get him to quit the job with all manner of pranks and misbehaving. On and on it continues.

They even introduce a love interest who tries to guide Major Payne in dealing with young children. It’s like she serves as his moral compass to a degree. It’s cute.

This is a very silly movie, but it’s entertaining and satisfying overall. I enjoyed it and it’s worth a random day viewing.

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