Making Fitness Progress


Today while I was at the gym, I observed a woman who was taking the same kickboxing class I was. Her clothes were dry, and nearly everyone else was drenched in sweat. She had the most disinterested look on her face, it was pathetic. Her movements where not purposeful, her punches had nothing behind them, and she was just going through the motions, at best.

Frankly, she could have been sitting on her couch at home, and probably burned more calories. Then in two months time, she’ll wonder why she isn’t making fitness progress.

Look folks, I believe that getting to the gym is one of the first steps that you can take towards fitness. I also know that she could have a bad day, she could be preoccupied, stressed, or simply low on energy. I’m not here to judge, but to inspire.

Seeing her, and the lack of enthusiasm she showed prompted me to make a video on the new platform Mevee, as well as writing this post.

I said nearly all I needed to say on the video, and as you can see, it is embedded here. However, in case you wanted the written version, I’ll write out a summary for you as well.

Making Fitness Progress

If you are at the gym, if you took the time to commute, walk, drive, or whatever to get there, why not make it count and give 110% while you are there? What? Do you devote an hour to training? Well, why not make that one hour count?

Perhaps you have problems outside of the gym? I understand that, I’m looking for work now for months, and have not yet found a job. This stresses me out. However, is thinking about it, or worrying about while I’m supposed to be training going to change anything? Will sabotaging my workouts with thoughts of that matter get me a job? HELL NO!

So why do it?

Look, the gym is your time to focus on your body, your health. The training you do there will better prepare you for the stresses of everyday life. Things like, well, not finding a job!

I commend people like this woman for coming into the gym and taking a step towards better health. I’m not attacking or knocking her. However, I challenge her, and any of you who may also be going soft at the gym to take the next step.

When you are at the gym, give it your all! Make each and every second you spend there, away from your home, family, or whatever else you’d be doing, make each and every second invested count! Make it count!

Making Fitness Progress Part 1

Making Fitness Progress Part 2

Making Fitness Progress Part 3

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Totally agree with you Angel! I try my best to make it to the gym and try my hardest throw those punches. Kickboxing is amazing, especially if you’re picturing punching annoying people!