Man not helping wife with bags

I was in the elevator and I saw a man and his wife, I greeted them both. As we rode the elevator down, I noticed that both his hands were in his pocket. His wife however was carrying a heavy bag. When their floor came, she grabbed the bag, then went and opened the door and waited for him to come. They both then said bye to me and they continued to walk as she struggled with the bag.


It took everything in my will to not call this man out on this bullshit. See, this is their life, their dynamic, and I respect that. If she allows this to go on, then she’s got her reasons. Yet, I wondered if she even knew that there was another way? We no longer live in the ancient world where the woman is beholden to the man in this fashion.

I’m not saying that she is a weak person, or that she “needs” him, but I am saying that a man should be the one who opens the door for his wife. The man should carry the bag for his wife. It is his duty to care for and protect his woman. Again, this isn’t to say she’s incapable of doing her own crap, but he is there, why not help her out? No respect for him, and I feel bad for her. That’s just a damn shame!

What are your thoughts on this? Am I right, or am I wrong on this matter?

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