Marisco Centro at Bronx Terminal Market

I recently met up with an old friend. The weather was shitty, she’s been living outside of NYC for sometime, and I am a gentlemen. So I decided that I would come to her and we’d eat somewhere in the Bronx. Now, the only place I really eat in the Bronx is at mom’s place. So I don’t know where to go or what the haps are. So I had to go tourist mode and search around for some places online.

So I chose this place, and when I went to pick up my friend, we asked her mom if she wanted anything, she said no. When we told her where we were going, she perked up and her answer became yes. LOL. So this raised the bar as it seemed to have a good reception from my friend’s mom.

First thing I have to say is that this place is a bitch to find. We went to Bronx Terminal Market which is actually really close to my friend’s place, but once in the mall, the restaurant is way in the back and quite hard to find. I mean, now that I know where it is, it will be easy, but walking around in the cold, it took us sometime.

Once we did find it, we were immediately seated and quickly greeted and provided water. The service here was really good. The staff were all friendly and pretty fast with everything. The food was a hit or miss. Some items didn’t have much flavor, and some did. Let’s do a quick rundown.

We had bread, I didn’t take a picture of that, but it was pretty warm and toasted good garlic bread. This was a nice touch after coming in from the cold. Now to make things balanced, we both decided to have a pina colada!

So here’s the deal with this, remember I said the food was hit or miss? So we had two pina coladas, one was watery, the other one was perfect. Hit or miss, 50/50 chance! lol. I did take the cherry stem, and then proceeded to illustrate how I still have the skills to tie it in a knot. When my friend asked me what that was supposed to mean, I just smiled and said, SKILLS!

This was the rice I went with on the side. It wasn’t very flavorful and kind of disappointed me. 🙁

My friend seemed to enjoy the white rice.

These tostones were pretty good. Nice and crunchy!

The sweet plantains were also pretty good. I had to hold myself back here to make sure her mom got some as well in her take out order. Heheh.

The grilled calamari was “aight.” I’ve had better, but it wasn’t bad, just not amazing.

I enjoyed the fish croquettes, they were like regular croquettes but with fish instead of ham or whatever. These were really good, and sadly, none were left for her mom. LOL.

She had steak, and she wanted me to have some, but I was too busy with my own meal which was pretty massive. This went to her mom!

This was my dish. We were joking that both our steaks felt like chewing gum. It was difficult to eat and not too appetizing. I enjoyed the shrimp, and a lobster tail. The quantities here were extremely generous so I sent some to her mom as well. Between the two of us, and what we set aside, she had a massive dish. The servings were so big that we didn’t even have to order something separate for her mom to eat. There was enough here for possibly even four people!

The restaurant was okay. Certainly not a place I’d go out of my way to revisit, but if I’m in the area, and nothing else is around, I’d go with the seafood. That was pretty good. Avoid the steak, that shit was like gum, I swear it wouldn’t break even after chewing and chewing. Steak aside, some of the food was okay, and I’ll repeat once again that the service was great!

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