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Masturbation Booths In NYC?

Initially, I thought this story about masturbation booths in NYC was a joke. However, it is not. Looks like a London based company called “Hot Octopuss” has actually brought this to NYC.

Okay people, I don’t have a problem with masturbation, but a laptop, in a public place, setup specifically for the purpose of self soothing sounds like a really bad idea. Not only is it hygienically gross, but who would want to rub one out in the middle of Times Square?

Seriously, think about it. Who would want to touch a laptop, knowing that some dude was just in there chocking his chicken? That sounds utterly disgusting. They are obviously playing around with the wording, because masturbating in public is not legal, but why would anyone want to use this to “self sooth” by watching whatever, when they could just as easily do it from their mobile phones, or home?

Seriously folks, fire your marketing team. Just because we are talking about you, doesn’t necessarily make it a good thing.

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