Maxim Tyorkin, MD Review

So my shoulder has been bothering me for sometime, as such I’ve been seeking out some treatment options. I looked up an orthopedic Doctor in the area, and this is one that I came across.

So here are my thoughts on this, I’m all for doctors fanning out their jobs, and having a team. However, I believe that the doctor should meet their patient, hear their patient out, and then delegate.

When I called and made an appointment, I made it with Dr. Tyorkin, not his Physician’s Assistant. I’m sure the gentleman is competent, even though based on his jump on analysis he may still be a bit green. Initially he said, “you need an MRI,” then after talking to the actual Doctor, he told me to take Aleve. That’s a hell of a jump isn’t it?

Therein lies my point about seeing the doctor you signed up for. When I am fanned out to underlings, it makes me feel that they don’t care about you, and that you are being used as a test subject for someone to make their bones on. I don’t like that at all. Especially when the doctor has to correct the assistant. Why not see the patient, make the diagnosis, and then let his assistant handle the remaining duties? You are using a middle man anyway as they have to come to you regardless.

I had seen a picture of the Doctor Tyorkin prior to showing up, and I saw him there. I’m not sure what he was up to, but it is my humble opinion that you meet, interact, diagnose, and then delegate when it comes to new patients. The fact that you don’t, yet your name is what is being fronted, leaves me no choice but to review you specifically.

This in no way is an attack on the assistant’s or the doctor’s medical capabilities, but it just seems to me that there is a more professional way of handling these things. I feel that I wasted my $40 copay on this as I received no real answer, just take Aleve as I may have bursitis. Oh, and I was told not to use my arms in workouts. I don’t know, this just left a bad taste in my mouth, and I doubt I’d be coming back to this location.

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