May Day Violence and madness

Did you guys hear about how things got a little crazy in Seattle during the May Day demonstrations? Odds are you may not have heard about it, like many of the stories that make their way to the hidden report, this one has been largely downplayed by the mainstream media.

Why? Duh! Because it makes something left based look bad! Riots caused by the left are not good for mainstream media agenda. However, if this happened at a Tea Party, I promise you that everyone and their grandmother would know about it.

Here is a summary, there where two May Day marches in Seattle according to police reports. The A.M session went over without any issues according to the police. The crowd came, they marched, and nothing unlawful occurred. Cool right? Yes, cool. Let’s move on to the evening session, this is where things got a bit nuts.

The second session labeled “The Anti-Capitalist Anti-State May Day 2013 Rally and March” was reminiscent of the same scenarios that happened with the Occupy Wall Street bunch. No surprise there, I’m sure you all remember how some of those folks behaved during their classier moments. If you don’t recall, they launched missiles from buildings, pooped on police vehicles, and caused lots of other trouble. Great, peaceful bunch.

Well, truth is that we know that they are not all nuts. Like most demonstrations, you have some people that want to march peacefully and don’t want any trouble.  Then you have the violent, criminal ones who take over and cause trouble for everyone, including the innocents. The trouble makers began throwing rocks and full water bottles at police officers, cursing at them, resisting orders and attacking the cops while attempting to destroy public and private property. They blocked off streets with trash cans, bottles, and by forming human barricades. As expected, the police then have no choice but to implement crowd control tactics. Out come the handcuffs, the twist ties, and the flash bangs.

Unfortunately for the people that were there obeying the law, these thugs create a dangerous and out of control situation for everyone in attendance. Not only did some officers get hurt, some property was damaged, some demonstrators were arrested, even some uninvolved civilians were hurt, and the scene was absolutely chaotic.

Obviously this is what those nut jobs want, total chaos. As you watch the video below you’ll hear some of them saying “YEAH, this is what we want, let’s make the front page news”. It is all fun and games until one day a cop suffering from PTSD loses it and lights up the whole bunch of them, then it is not funny anymore. Keep messing around.

Watch the video below. Many of these anarchists were dressed in black with hoodies and masks, screaming and cursing at police, shoving reporters, and so on. Great job. Not.

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May Day Violence and madness

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May Day Violence and madness via

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