McDavid 6515 Pair of Hex Knee and Elbow Pads

In brazilian jiujitsu we roll around on the mats, and sometimes you take a hard fall. I learned long ago that I needed to protect my knees, and I have been wearing knee pads since. This time around, I found that my elbows were getting mashed up, and you know what man? I’m old, and I need to be able to keep training at the gym and teaching my classes. As such, I need to minimize the level of injuries I sustain.

I had ordered a pair of Bodyprox and mcdavid helix elbow pads to try out. After having that horrid experience with the bodyprox knee pads, I didn’t even bother trying out the elbow pads and I returned them. I have two pairs of Mcdavid elbow pads, and I love them. They stay in place, they are thin but offer a nice level of protection. They are quite comfortable too, and they fit nicely underneath my long sleeve tesla compression shirts.

I love these things and definitely recommend them.

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