Meet an immigrant (Powerful Video)

The recent words said by Donald Trump where he spoke out against Latino immigrants have mobilized the Latino community in a way that not many things can. Many on the right wing claim that he was speaking the truth. Others say he was not referring to all Mexicans and other Latinos. As expected, some people will condemn, while others praise his words.

I was on a political show called “Gang of WAAR” Saturday morning, and I spoke out against Trump and his words. This was interesting because everyone on the show is a right wing conservative. Though I have some conservative views, I’m still a Latino, and I have ears to hear what he said. Though I don’t believe that he meant “all” Mexicans coming over are criminals, I still believe that his message was laid out terribly. I also know that this guy must have known that he couldn’t make a statement like that and expect us to take it laying down. Seriously? Come on now!

Take a look at this awesome video by a film maker and activist named Sergio Mejia. It was extremely touching, and really highlights who we are! Even if you give Trump the benefit of the doubt, and say, “Well, he didn’t mean everyone.” You still have to acknowledge that the guy messed up real bad, and he deserves all that is coming his way. Que bobo!

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

Angel Rodriguez

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