Meet Officer Tommy Norman and LESM

These days, being a cop is a tough gig. You have to contend with the usual stresses that police officers face, plus public image, the rotten apples, and everything else that the job entails. There is a global revolution taking place, and the police departments are definitely a part of it.

This is where an Officer like Tommy Norman comes into play. This man has been out there making connections with the community, helping out, shaping hands, pounding it out, and he has been sharing this all via his Instagram page.

I followed him a few weeks ago, and I saw his followership double from about 500k to over one million followers in days! Bro, I’ve been doing this for years!

What does that tell you? Besides that I suck, it should tell you that we the people value our good officers, we want to see more of what Officer Norman is doing. The people love, and want community policing.

My friends over at LESM Law Enforcement Social Media Podcast have also been working with the community. Officer Mike Bires, Sgt Marc Marty, Officer Arlen Castillo, (bats eyelashes at Arlen) Deputy Tony Moore, Officer Patrick Fitzgibbon, and Officer Alan Weinreb host a show where they talk with law enforcement experts on all topics social media. They focus on online safety, and law enforcement practices.


In addition to this, they host a separate show where the community can come online and “Talk to A Cop.” Most people come on with fair questions, and on occasion you will get someone who just wants to attack them. This is life, no? These are really great folks, also doing great things to bridge the gap between law enforcement and civilians.

During trying times like these, these are the people that will make a difference. Cops are human beings, just like us. They are our brothers, our sisters, our parents, our best friends. These are tough times, but I believe that people like these folks will be the change that we need.

As Officer Norman says, it begins with relationships.

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