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Meet #Peppathepom

Those of you who are connected with me on social media know that we have added a new member to our family. She’s a 2.5 pound Pomeranian puppy we named Peppa. Meet #Peppathepom!

Peppa was adopted from South Korea via a rescue called “Mercy Puppy Rescue.” They save doggies from over there and send them here for re-homing. I’m not sure how my wife ended up going with a dog from overseas, but I’m totally glad she did. Peppa’s such a crazy little sweetheart.

Initially, I was not entirely on board with getting a puppy. To me that translates into more work, effort and expense, who needs more of those? We already have plenty going on and quite limited time. However, my wife really wanted a doggy since we loss Calbee some months ago. Once we committed to Peppa, gave her a name and all, then there was no going back.

So she’s our doggy now, and she’s the cutest little thing. We set up a playpen area and generally let her out to play once she’s peed and pooped on the wee wee pad. We are trying to train her, but neither of us is versed in this. For now we are just doing our best.

Peppa’s favorite hobby is trying to eat my hand, she is teething and loves to try and eat us. She’s super energetic and very playful. I am totally falling in love with our baby girl.

She’s a super curious dog and always learning new things about her environment. My wife has started to take her out and also walking her with a tiny harness. I worry about her being outside since she’s so small and delicate. This is NYC, but we’ve started to get birds of prey, and there are also much bigger dogs in our neighborhood. I worry for my puppy’s safety outside. But we keep a really close eye on her and will protect her at all costs!

We are both still learning, but I’m sure we’ll become great puppy parents.

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