Meet Poet and HipHop Artist Danny Matos

I remember the first time that I met Matos. This man told me that it was his first time performing. Feeling for him, I tried to comfort him and tell him that he had this! Well, little did I know what was about to happen. First time? Are you freaking kidding me? This guy didn’t use any paper, and he performed like a pro! That was the first time I met Danny Matos at 116 MacDougal.

Since then, Matos has gone on to win poetry competitions, feature at many shows, and is very well known and respected in the poetry circuit. Yet there I was during that first showing, telling him “You got this, man.”

It sounds comical to me today. I guess you can equate it to a boxing journeyman who had never seen Mike Tyson fight before. Before Iron Mike’s first fight, the journeyman goes to tell him, “You’ll be okay.” Well, we all know how Tyson’s first fights went. That’s Matos for you.

Danny is currently making music, and he has taken his insane poetic metaphors and fused them with dope beats and melodies. What you get from this is one of the top artists in the NYC underground.

If you do one thing today, take a minute and listen to the attached song. I guarantee that you will be impressed, and you will probably have to listen more than once to catch all of the metaphors this dude is spitting.

Keep an eye on Danny Matos, it’s only a matter of time. Along with Charlie Scott, I think he is one of the top lyricists in this game. Mark my words.

You can follow Danny on at twitter @Dmatos105.

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Meet award winning poet & rapper danny matos


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