Meet #RoxyThePom

Anyone who knows me and is connected with me on any social media knows that we recently got a puppy. We were originally gonna name her “Pepper,” but decided to go with the “Peppa” version. The experience so far has been great, she’s a fun and very playful doggy.

So what’s the news? Well, sometime ago I came across a picture of another Pom who we dubbed “the rockstar” because of her long hair and seemingly wild appearance as illustrated in the image below.

Anyway I noticed her, and due to this I took an active interest in her well being. Recently, I inquired as to how “Rockstar” was doing and they told me that she had not been adopted yet. A friend of mine expressed an interest in getting her, but she was taking too long for my taste. I became personally and emotionally vested in Roxy’s well being. So I did what any animal lover would do, I decided that she’s coming to join Peppa as her sibling. She has a name already, I mean, how could I not adopt her? Rockstar lead to Roxy. LOL.

I’m a bit scared, though Peppa is a great dog, super friendly and playful, I’m worried about introducing another dog into our little pack. What if they don’t get along? What if one tries to dominate the other? ETC. I’m hoping that they get along and that we won’t have any issues. Peppa alone has been great. She’s learning how to poop in the right place, she’s leash walking, and though she loves to bite and eat us alive, she’s a great pup. She doesn’t bark much, and it’s all good.

Adding another puppy to the mix exposes us to the same risks that comes with having a new pup, but also the dynamic of how they will get along and stuff. However, I couldn’t let this dog stay in a shelter any longer. I saw this video of her, and I had to get her out of there! She deserves a great life like Peppa and all those other puppies. I can’t save them all, but here we’ll have to puppies who have been rescued from kill shelters in South Korea. Mercy Puppy Rescue is good about saving these pups lives. So yeah, meet #roxythepom

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