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Meeting Pomeranians

When I was a teen, I had a neighbor who lived in the apartment below us. Her son and I were good friends and used to hang out all of the time. She had a little brown Pomeranian called “Mota.” This was the first time I ever came across this breed. Mota was a mean little dog, whenever we would knock on the door, she would come bark and chase us. She was not a friendly dog. I can’t recall any interaction with Mota except her barking at us, and trying to walk around her while not getting bitten. Because of Mota, I was biased against Pomeranians at a young age.

Later in life I met another Pom and this one was called Calbee. She belonged to my wife’s family. She was also a barker and not very friendly either. She wasn’t an affectionate or playful dog with strangers. However, over the years we became closer. Calbee never loved me the way she loved Christine, but she would show some forms of affections as time passed.

When I sat to watch tv, she’d want to sit by me, and then she’d basically paw me which was her way of saying “pet me.” I’d pet her a bit, stop, then she’d paw me again. That was the extent of our emotional interactions. She was not a kisser, and never played any games with me. Basically, you’d get paw’d, you pet her, and that was the dynamic. LOL. It should be noted though, that I met Calbee when she was a senior dog already, so she wouldn’t have the energy of a puppy.

Despite her lack of affection, I began to love Calbee, and when she left us, I was heartbroken and devastated. I had to carry her body to the vet, and holding her stiff body in her pillow broke my heart. She was a meanie, but she was our meanie. I really miss her.

The next Pom I met is our baby, Peppa. Peppa is a playful puppy, she’s super friendly with people, and she loves attention. She’s a nibbler, and I think that this is part of her way of playing. She loves to bite your toes, socks, pants, fingers, and anything she can get a hold of. When I get dressed, she runs over and attacks my pant legs as I put them on. She cracks me up. I love my dog so much.

I really am in love with this puppy, she’s the cutest, sweetest little monster ever. Today we are experiencing an internet outage, so as I wait for Spectrum to arrive, I couldn’t be at home with the baby during lunch. So I stepped out for a few minutes, fed her, and came back to wait for these people. When I got home, she was super happy and excited to see me. I pet her, she bit me a bit, licked me, rubbed up against me, and basically showed me her happiness in having some company. I hate getting stuck here and not spending lunch time with my fur baby, but fortunately it doesn’t happen all that often.

There is one more Pom I met, and her name was Roxy. She was to be Peppa’s new sister, but they did not get along well, and she had to go to a different home. Roxy was a larger Pom, she was full of energy, extremely curious, and such a sweet, sweet baby. It broke my heart in a million pieces to have to put her up for adoption again. Fortunately, she is such a beautiful dog that she was adopted within days. She now has two other Pom siblings, and she’s very happy. It broke my heart, but Peppa was here first and she takes priority over everyone else. I’m glad that she has a forever, loving home though.

In a nutshell, those are all the poms I’ve met in my life. And I’m glad to say that I am no longer biased against the breed. I wish I could meet Mota now, I’m sure we’d get along.

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