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A Magical Dance

There are some moments in life that you never forget. Life goes on. We move on, and though it is barely even a memory anymore, the playing of a single song can trigger a flood of emotions for me, the memory of a dance. With the playing of this very specific song, that one particular night returns to me in all of its fiery passion.

Let me tell you about it.

It was dark in there, and the music was blasting loudly. The air-conditioning was pumping hard, and it seemed to want to cool the fire between us. Hah! Good luck with that, we took no notice of it. There was no one else there, the crowded club felt empty to me but for the two us. We were surrounded by many, but all I saw were her beautiful almond eyes. I was lost deep, far inside the dark ocean that was her gaze. Nothing mattered to me as I looked into the depths of her soul. I saw her fire. I saw the passion in her eyes as she looked back at me. I hungered for her, and she hungered for me. I was in heaven.

I held her tightly pressed against my body. I pulled her in so closely, and we were entwined as one. We slowly danced, circling to the rhythm of the music. With each movement, we were one. My heart raced with passion. I watched her bite her lip, and she let out a soft moan as I squeezed her tightly. I could see that she yearned for me as much as I yearned for her. We were in the middle of a dance club. We were surrounded by dozens of people, and we were fully clothed! All that being said, make no mistake my friends, this was one of the most passionate, intense, experiences of my life. One not easily forgotten.

It has been well over a decade since that night, since we had that dance. So much has happened since then, but to this day, the song can trigger the memory. With that memory, for that instant, I’m right back there with her. It is a weird feeling, because as I mentioned before, she’s all but faded from my memory. However, that emotion, that feeling remains, and it can easily drag you back through a time portal and leave you gasping for air as you come back and realize that time is gone. There are days that the demons of past will try to drag you into the darkness of the abyss, the hurt is so real at that moment. Fortunately, the moment is short-lived and we quickly return to life.

Music can do some amazing things to us, good and bad.

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