Men in Black International

We started watching this movie once before but we didn’t complete it. So we decided to start over and give it another go. This movie has some people that you might recognize from the Thor franchise. Interestingly, Helmsworth looked significantly smaller here than he did in the Marvel films. I mean, he wasn’t playing the God of Thunder after all. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t at all take away from him looking super fit and amazing.

On this film, Chris is a legendary alien hunter who has somehow lost his way. Michelle is the new doe eyed recruit who after a childhood experience with an alien manages to track down and find MIB. She convinces them to give her a chance, “Hey, I found you didn’t I!” As the film progresses, we see that Michelle will be the one who somehow reawakens Chris from his stupor and helps to restore him to his former greatness.

As expected from this franchise, Chris and Michelle Rodriguez are teamed up similarly to the way that Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones were in the other films. They are tasked with saving the universe and keeping a superior alien race from destroying the Earth over the acts of a bad player who killed one of their royalty while under our protection.

There is a fairly good amount of humor and entertainment in this movie and though it’s a bit older, I think it is a fun and entertaining watch. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

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