I bought these shoes a couple years ago for my son. As he was getting older, I got him a bigger size so that they would last him a bit longer and also so that I could potentially use them myself for special events. We don’t often wear dress shoes in my household as the need seldom arises. As such I figured it prudent to only get one pair that fits us both.

I have had these Rockport waterproof shoes for a while now but I have never worn them for an extended period of time until yesterday. I have to say that my first impression upon inserting my foot was pleasant surprise because they felt very cushiony and comfortable. In fact, one could say that they feel more cushiony than some sneakers I’ve worn. The edges of the shoe sit below the usual points of contact that create blisters and sores on your foot. I brought band aids just in case and I didn’t need them. The bottom of the shoe is rubbery and texturized so you have a nice grip and it’s also very flexible. Yesterday was a rainy day and I had no issues with slipping or anything.

We walked a bit, we did some dancing and spent several hours at a friend’s wedding and I will say that I felt comfortable and had absolutely no pain points by the end of the night. I did feel a little foot fatigue for a few moments about midway through but compared to how other shoes feel and fit there is absolutely no comparison.

These shoes look modern and stylish and rival any pair of dress shoes I’ve ever seen while still being exceptionally comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised that I had such a comfortable experience while wearing actual dress shoes. In addition to that, they are fairly affordable at about just over $100.

From the point of view of a man who never, ever wears dress shoes, I can tell you that these are phenomenal. In case you are wondering why I don’t ever wear dress shoes it’s because they suck and they hurt my feet. This pair of rockport shoes completely changed the experience for me. I have to say that Rockport really hit the nail on the head with this one. These are shoes and they are far more comfortable than both my Rockport cold-weather boots and my rockport flip flops and that’s saying something!

Highly recommended pair of shoes!

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