It’s a mental health issue?

Regarding all of these school shootings, some people keep saying that it is not a gun issue, it’s a mental health issue. Okay, let’s go with that okay? Perhaps it is true that today, unlike 40 years ago, we have more people with mental health issues. Okay? Let’s go with that.

If we know this, don’t tell me about how you left your fucking rifle on the hood of your truck, 50 years ago. Why? Because it’s 50 years later and things are fucking different. Maybe, for whatever reason, 50 years ago kids didn’t shoot up schools the way they do know. Fine. But guess what? Today they do. So if you know this crucial piece of information, then you should adapt. You should know that you can’t leave your fucking rifle on the hood of your truck anymore, because there are mentally ill people out there who will take it and shoot up a church or school. Things are different and you know it, so fucking adapt, numbnuts!

The same can be said for gun laws. We can’t continue to leave the “gun on the hood of the truck” so to speak. We have to adjust. I’m not after your guns, shit, I don’t want them to come for my guns either. But we have to adapt to the changing world we live in. Maybe it’s the lack of ass whoopings? Maybe it’s the fucking vaccines? I don’t know what the fuck the cause is, but I know that it’s happening, and we need to adapt.

I don’t want your fucking guns, okay! I don’t want to give up my guns either! What I want is that we have a system in place were crazy motherfuckers like this kid who want to shoot up a school can’t so easily and readily obtain heavy fire power. Am I asking for too much? Are you so damn in love with your guns that you are willing to sacrifice your own children to a mass shooter one day? Are you truly that brainwashed to that one side where you fail to see reason?

I ask the same of the gun grabbers by the way. Are they so brainwashed that they don’t understand a simple change like allowing properly vetted, trained and equipped teachers and guards to carry a firearm? Read more about my thoughts on that here! We have to be reasonable and come to some sort of consensus on this thing. Too many children are dying and this shit ain’t cool.

If you know we have a major mental health problem here, then you must understand that we need to take steps to keep those guns as far away from them as we can. That would be a great starting point! Can we for once put aside this partisan bullshit and do something to protect our innocent children from these psychopaths?

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