Mentally ill Atlanta Veteran Shooter access to guns

Mental illness is real, we all know this. A person can do some pretty irrational stuff due to mental illness. That is a given. With that fact established, then I think any rational person would agree that people with mental illness, particularly any that can lead to anger, rage, or loss of reasonable thinking ability, should not own a firearm. That’s just basic, elementary logic.

This begs the question, why did Deion Duwane Patterson have access to a firearm? I did a brief search before writing this to determine if he legally owned the gun or not, but I could not confirm it either way. This piece is written off of the premise that he was a legal gun owner. I’m inclined to believe that a black man with an illegal firearm would have been torn up by the media. The media vultures are not biting at that angle, so I’m inclined to believe he owned it legally.

Whether or not he did, I think the point is still valid and needs to be addressed. People with mental illness all over this country are legally carrying firearms and end up taking lives regularly. I’m not even going into the illegal firearms, but if we must, those too tie back to our lax gun laws in other states.

I knew a guy in my youth who would travel to the South, buy firearms, then travel north to sell them at a premium. They were called gun runners in the hood, and they couldn’t run guns if they couldn’t easily buy them. I’m almost inclined to believe that this is how the South continues to wage war against the North. By making it so that we kill ourselves with their guns.

I am not an anti-gun guy, I am just an anti-stupid guy, and a person who has anger issues should receive mental health assistance, not a gun permit.

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