A Mexican bus driver saved my ass

Some years ago I was in Cancun vacationing with a few friends. I was a little frustrated over a few things that happened with my roommates, so I decided to go out alone that night.

I wasn’t sure where I was going, but I wanted to check out La Boom, and see what else was out there for me. So I got on the bus and rode on for sometime. After a while, the bus driver noticed that I didn’t get off. He calls me over and asks me where I was going, I told him I just wanted to check out La Boom and some of the other clubs, so I was riding the bus aimlessly. That’s the point that this Mexican bus driver saved my ass.

This dude went well above and beyond his call of duty to keep me safe. He said in Spanish, “You cannot go any further on this bus, it’s not safe for you at all. You need to stay on the strip and never come back this far out again.” I told him that I understood and that I’d walk back. He said no, that I was already in danger. He turned the bus loaded with people back and when questioned, he told them that he was trying to keep this crazy American tourist safe. Most laughed and understood while some didn’t seem to give a damn for my safety and suggested that I just walk back for being stupid.

Bad things happening to tourists is not good for the economy, and it’s not good for the people in general. None of us want bad shit happening in our neighborhoods. Also, it was obvious that this dude was a really caring person. He didn’t have to engage me, he didn’t have to ask me anything, and he didn’t even have to notice me. But he did, and he realized that I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I can’t remember much of what happened after this because I was pretty buzzed, but I’m grateful that he saved my ass on that bus that night.

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