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Mexican Cardinal says accusers of the church should be ashamed

Of course you knew that this story was gonna go viral once it hit the interwebz. I didn’t want to take it at face value, so I started to trace the backlinks.

It started on Breitbart, and we know that this site is a right wing propaganda site. From there I was led to Lifesitenews, which I gather is also a right wing site. From there I made my way to something called Cruxnews which I’ve never heard of. Finally I was led to the spanish website El Universal where this story originated from.

I read this a few times, I was trying to see if I could understand exactly what the newly appointed Cardinal of Veracruz, Sergio Obeso Rivera was trying to say. So the guy acknowledges that there are some sick perverts who abuse children in the church. No kidding? Really? We only have thousands of cases to prove that, but okay, thanks for acknowledging it.

Then he goes on to say that the people who are making these accusations against the church should be ashamed of themselves because they too make mistakes in life. Something to that effect, I’ve been trying to get the context here, but reading it, and with the type of formal spanish its written, I’m having a hard time getting what he means.

I was wondering if he meant that not all accusers will be honest? Cause if he means that they shouldn’t talk about it cause they are imperfect, then he’s probably one of them and doesn’t want to be exposed. I don’t know and only time will tell.

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