Mike Geffner Presents The Inspired Word “Open Mic Joint” (Nexus Lounge)


At the Bar “One and One”, every Monday at 7pm there is magic happening. At the lower level called the “Nexus lounge”, Mike Geffner holds the “Inspired Word’s Open Mic Joint”, a performing open mic of great proportions. As most of you know I have been putting myself out there lately, reading my works at various open mic events throughout New York City, and this is one of the events I most frequent. The atmosphere is very nice and comfortable, even as a beginner I felt good there. I feel everyone from the host (Nathan Pearson) to the producer and assistant director (Mike Geffner/Marvin Mendlinger) all behaved quite professionally, while giving you a warm, welcome feeling, and plenty of support. We have to note that the audience is also quite supportive.

The open mic features music, comedy, storytellers, and of course poetry. Pretty much anything goes so long as it can be performed. Some well known people have come through here and judging by the talent that I have seen put on display, I am not surprised, and I expect to hear of many more stars passing through here.

I have seen some hilarious comics, (David Rey Martinez, aka Curly fries/I’Wante Diamond) that have had everyone “LOL’ing” throughout their comedy routines. I have seen singers go on stage and wow us with amazing vocals (Toni Ann Semple), storytellers entrance us with memoirs (Aimee Herman), guitarist rock out with some awesome guitar riffs, and poets from all walks of life being poetic (Lemon Andersen/Rock Wilk)! I mean there is always a little bit of everything at this event, it will always deliver.

30 slots for performers, 5 minutes each. Nathan P  keeps thing cool with humor and style, providing great introductions and overall fun dialogue. “The next performer coming up to the mic, well I met this brother about, well, 10 minutes ago upstairs while eating a burger. He said he was nervous but he was going to perform and kill it tonight, Welcome Inspired Word newcomer Angel Rodriguez”.

Everyone that showed up had time to read, no rushing, no pressure (well, a little pressure and you do need to adhere to the time limits). They have drink specials until 8pm or so, and they make a mean slider. I always have a really good time when I attend the inspired word, I became an “Inspired word” regular over time. Though work limits my attendance of late, I still consider myself part of the Inspired word family, the show has a great vibe, it’s a great time and I love it.

If you are looking for a nice open mic, to start, or continue your performing, check out the Inspired Word, you won’t be disappointed. Do note, there is a cover fee of $10 to get into the show.

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