Mike Tyson gets emotional talking about Ali

Mike Tyson, who is arguably one of the baddest motherfuckers to walk the face of the earth is also one of the realest and most emotional men to do so.

I think that his life has been a great example for me, because if Tyson can be honest, humble and own his demons, fears, failure, and so on, who the fuck do I think I am that I can’t? What makes me or you tougher or realer than Tyson? Let me answer that for you, nothing does, absolutely nothing.

There was a video where Tyson said that he wanted to learn how to fight so that people wouldn’t abuse him on the streets, he didn’t want to be humiliated anymore out there. As someone who has experienced all sorts of abuse and humiliation in the streets, I can totally relate to that. There is a reason I started to lift weights, practiced martial arts, and got into weapons training. Very much like Mike, I was tired of being humiliated in the streets.

Here you see Tyson becoming emotional on the Michael Rapaport podcast as he talks about his admiration for the great Muhammad Ali. Ali was not only one of the baddest men to set foot in the ring, he was one of the bravest and realest outside of the ring. He was standing up for equality when many others didn’t dare. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Tyson, one of the greats, pays homage to Ali, the greatest of all time!

“Ali is a different breed of person, he’s not like us.” For Tyson to say that, who himself is a different breed of person should really illustrate just how different the great Ali was. Rest in peace, Ali.

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