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Military life in Muslim countries

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion. This view is not necessarily the view of Wayne Dupree, or any other Team Ninja member. That being said, if you will be directing hate in any direction, please make sure it goes to the right person, and that would be me. Thank you.  Signed, Angel Rodriguez

There is one thing that I despise as a columnist, no, strike that, as a human being. I despise when we take things and blow them out of proportion, take them out of context, and attempt to create panic. This morning I read a few posts that sent me into a rage! The way these posts read, you’d think that our soldiers overseas are being forced to submit to Islam and Ramadan. They all referenced an article in the military paper Stars and Stripes. So I went ahead and read the article.

Objectively speaking, this article did not cause concern. However, had I not read the original piece, and solely based my opinion on the spin off pieces that I read; I’d be biased and misinformed.

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m not one of those people that simply hates Islam or Muslims for the sake of hating them. I recognize that there are radicals within their ranks, and I recognize that many would like to see us good and dead. Nevertheless, let’s not jump to conclusions, or simply blanket attack everything Islam that we see. We on the right are looked at as extremists, especially those of us that relate to the Tea Party. I’m sure that many of us are on some special lists or something. That being said, we are not what they portray us to be, are we? So let’s not feed into the hype and freak out anytime we see or hear the word Islam. Yes, there are times that it is a warranted response, but in my opinion, this was not one of them.

Ramadan is a holy time for them, and we are in their country. We are all quick to say “This is America, and if you come here, you follow our ways.” Well, we are in their country, and you’d have to be a fool to think that our soldiers wouldn’t be exposed to their holidays in some form. Yet, I do not see this as some hostile takeover of our military.

Here is what I perceived from the Stars and Stripes post. I perceive that some politically correct, leftist military leader is attempting to educate soldiers on the customs and courtesies of the locals. Notice that the host country’s government is not the one enforcing this. According to the article, our own military is the one that has their cultural adviserstelling our guys and gals about the holiday. This is just a little food for thought; that is all. Don’t go nuts attacking me, I’m only pointing out what perceived as I read. So, is it the leftists that are using the same tactics that they use to advance their agendas here pushing this, or is it the host country? Think about that.

What are your thoughts? Am I wrong?

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