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So it would appear that dinner yesterday at Suki Thai Shabu was not enough to quench our desire for Thai cuisine. Tonight we wanted to eat at 5 Burro Cafe again, and again it was jam packed with a minimum 45 minute wait. Uhm, hell no! Do you guys not know who I am? I am Angel Rodriguez, I’ve reviewed food on television! You DO NOT make me wait for food. LOL. Just kidding, sort of. Anyway, we were not going to wait that long, not a chance.

So we decided to go for Japanese food and were walking to one of our other favorite spots, Sushi Yasu. However, we noticed this spot and realized we hadn’t eaten here yet. So we gave it a try, and once again, the Thai Gods have blessed us with a delicious meal!

mint's thai kitchen calamari

This calamari appetizer was delicious. The sauce was a sweet chili sauce, with a touch of peanuts. It was an interesting combination and tasted quite good. The calamari was crunchy and cooked just right. It wasn’t greasy which is sometimes a problem with this type of dish. Really good stuff.

mint's thai kitchen beef

I ain’t gonna lie to y’all. I don’t know what the name of this dish is. They told me, but I couldn’t understand. It’s a noodle based dish, with some beef in it. This was my wife’s dish and it was quite good. The only thing she said, was that she wished the noodles were cut because they strips were huge and hard to eat. Hehe. Other than that, we both loved it, and this dish too was not greasy.

mint's thai kitchen cashew shrimp

This was my main course for the evening. Jasmine rice and a shrimp cashew dish. It was a tad spicey too, but really good. I enjoyed this meal very much. Delicious peppers, and watercress, shrimp cooked to perfection. Just a very delicious and satisfying meal.

The service here was very good, the servers were very attentive. Although, we did ask for dessert menus, and they brought us the check. Hahah. I’m sure that was just an oversight. We decided to take that as a hint that we should leave dessert alone and moved along. We will definitely return, it was a good experience.

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