Mirage Diner

After teaching at 24 Hour Fitness in Kings Highway, I was starving! I taught 3 classes back to back. It was a busy morning for me.

The lady and I decided to try this dinner out. I gotta be honest, these days I don’t even feel like reviewing diners, just big restaurants. But I’m compelled to do it.

The reason is that diner’s are pretty much all the same. You get some eggs, turkey bacon, juice or a ginger ale, and unless the place makes you ill, then you can’t really go wrong there.

I’ll say this, these guys were pretty damn fast to turn around our orders. That stands out as some are slow. Now, when it comes to getting our check, that was another story. LOL. That was typical diner speed.

The owner was really cool. We don’t carry cash to the gym, so we didn’t have money to tip the valet, however, he let us put it on the tip, and then gave us the cash. That dude, his name is Jorge, works really hard moving and sorting out the cars. I mean he was impressive! I’ll be writing a post on what we witnessed with him separately.

If you are in the area, and you are hungry, this place was all good.

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