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I went to Sushi Yasu yesterday, but I arrived a bit too early and they were not yet open for dinner.  So I started walking around the area searching for somewhere else to eat.  Now that I discovered “Ripe Juice bar and Grill” which happens to sit right above Yasu, I can go there in a pinch next time.  But yesterday I wanted sushi, so I walked around, I looked at Narita, and then I looked at this place.  I decided to come here.

Last time I remember having a nice experience so I thought I’d give them another shot.  Upon entering, much as the first time you notice all the awesome decorations, it’s really cool looking in here and this place has potential for being a lounge and night club after hours.  It’s a very cool space.  I joked around with the hostess and the waitress and placed my order.  I decided to have a kani salad, which was absolutely delicious!  Along with a spider roll and some spicy tuna rolls.  I only order a few rolls at first because when it comes to sushi like spicy tuna rolls, and spider rolls, it’s a hit or miss.  Unfortunately for me, the rolls were a bit of a miss, I was able to eat all the spider rolls, they were ok, but the spicy tuna rolls just didn’t sit well in my stomach or with my taste buds and I could not finish more than 3 or so pieces.

This is the kani salad.  All the elements in this dish were delicious.  I really enjoyed it.  As you get to the salad portion of it, buried under the crab, you encounter this delicious dressing that they used. No idea what it’s made of, but it’s really good.  If you come here, you must try the kani salad. It’s definitely the hero for me. Along with some of their main dishes, those are amazing as stated in my first review.

photo (2)

This is the sushi I ordered, nice presentation, looks great, but the taste in that spicy tuna just didn’t cut it for me.

photo (3)

The service at the place, the ambiance, everything about this spot is awesome, but if you are in the mood for sushi, then go to Yasu, or Ariyoshi, they are by far the best in this area.  Even Narita which is a high end place has to take a back seat to the sushi made in either of these 2 lesser expensive places.  Moca is great for cooked and fusion dishes, perhaps their other sushi dishes are great, but I’m pretty picky about my sushi.  Narita has it’s merits too, but when it comes to sushi, neither reigns supreme in the Forest Hills area.

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