Mom arrested for tattooing 11 year old daughter.

Foolishness knows no boundaries, no color, no creed, no state, no religion, no nothing. Such was the case in North Carolina when a heavily tattooed mother was arrested because she tattooed a little heart on her 11 year old daughter’s shoulder. The mother claims that she numbed the child’s skin so she was never in pain, and that she didn’t know it was illegal to tattoo a minor. In addition to the above, the mother’s defense was that “she asked me to do it”. Really? An adult doing whatever a kid wants?

Based on this, one has to question the mother’s ability to be a parent. But can foolishness be innocent? We cannot judge if she is a good parent otherwise, and if she goes to prison then what happens to the kid? A home, a shelter, the system? What’s worst here, a foolish mom or the system? This situation requires serious thought and more details on the home situation. I hope that someone qualified is making the decision as to what this little girl’s future will be.

Remember “tanning mom”? I think she has some real competition here with Odessa Clay, aka “tattooing mom”.

Follow this link for the official story on NBC News.

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