Monster Hunter Alpha

Some years ago my wife put me on to the book, “Monster Hunter International.” I love monster crap, so this kind of books series is right up my alley. I flew right by the first two books, Monster Hunter International and Monster Hunter Vendetta. I had started book 3, but I guess I needed a break so I put it down. Last I remember, book 3 was the latest book, but it really doesn’t feel like it’s been that long since I’ve sat to read regularly, so I may just have been unaware of the other books. Or, maybe it has been that long. My perception of time is so weird these days anyway.

So this story focuses on Earl Harbinger who is the leader of Monster Hunter International, and also happens to be a werewolf. The story goes deeply into werewolf lore and has a lot of historic content. There is a little town that is used as a testing grounds by this “Alpha” wolf who is trying to restore some ancient wolf power to life in this world. He is being helped by Lucinda Hood who I vaguely remember from the first books I read. She dabbles in old magic like her father Marty Hood. I don’t really remember much about him either, except that he betrayed Harbinger and was evil. Its been a while since I read the other books.

In any case, this story was really interesting and I’m surprised that they were able to turn things around at all. For much of the book it appeared like things were going to be really dire. I’m trying not to drop any huge spoilers on here, but I’ll close with this. If you are reading the MHI books, you’ll definitely enjoy this one. It was a great story and based on the commentary I’ve been getting on twitter from other “Alpha” readers, it is probably one of the best stories in the series. So check it out!

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