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Mortal Kombat Film Review

I have seen a lot of negative feedback about this movie online. I don’t understand why? For what Mortal Kombat is, I thought the movie was fairly entertaining. You can’t come to watch this film with some super high expectations for an amazing Mortal Kombat storyline. It is a video game based on fighting. Admittedly, I’m not an expert on the video game franchise and my exposure is limited solely to the very first iterations of this game.

Some time ago I saw an animated film about Scorpion that had a really good backstory. I see that they kind of used a bit of that in this film but it wasn’t based on that same animated movie. It wasn’t at all similar to the 90s version of it and ran in a totally different direction.

I am actually surprised that they didn’t even have an actual tournament. The whole concept of Mortal Kombat is the tournament aspect of it and they never even got to go to the real tournament. This says to me that they expected the film to do really well and they clearly set it up for a sequel. Personally I would watch it, but I knew coming into this film that it wasn’t going to be something that blew my mind with some amazing story line. The direction they took didn’t disappoint or surprise me in any way. It really just met my expectations of what it would be.

All that being said I enjoyed the film and I would watch the sequel if they made it, but I really don’t care either way. It’s not something that left me on the edge of my seat wanting more. I do wish that they did more with Scorpion and his character. His descendant was a bit of a disappointment. Other than that, I enjoyed the film.

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