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Morton's The Steakhouse Review


This place starts you off, like most places, with some bread. It was very tasty bread. It is always risky to load up on bread before the main meal, but this bread though it was big, was light and yummy! As always, I decided to try the caesar salad, and it was pretty good. We also decided to try the crab cake, and it was pretty quite flavorful and crunchy where it should be! It didn’t taste fishy, which is the main risk you take when going for crab cake.

As my main dish, I went with the steak. I figure if you are going to a steak house, you have to try the steak. I’ll tell you, the steak was delicious! It was tender and quite easy to cut. Though I asked for it to be medium well, it still had a nice soft texture to it. My wife had shrimp and spinach as her main course. I only tried the shrimp and that was pretty doggone good too!

Mostly everything at this place was great, except for one of our sides. The hash browns for two, those things were burnt and quite nasty. I expressed our displeasure about the nasty burnt hash browns, even our waiter agreed and said “they were a bit too well done.” I think I should have went with the mashed potatoes!

They offered us a free dessert to make up for the crappy hash browns. We accepted the ice cream and cake. This was quite delicious, and helped wash out the nasty hash brown aftertaste! So yes, I allowed myself some “bad food”, but I am regretting it right now cause my blood sugar is off the wall! Dammit Angel!

Overall, this was a pretty good dinner. The restaurant is quite nice, and the service is really professional. I even made a new friend, one of our “seat” neighbors. I had a good feeling about him after chatting back and forth for a moment, so I offered my card. This guy had a deep, booming laugh and seemed like a nice guy. Hehe,  you guys know I’m a social butterfly.

After dinner we came home and crashed. It was a nice night out. One of my friends said that this was a high end place and that we would spend over 200 bucks for two people. However, with a discount coupon we got off with $136 total after tips and all. Not too bad for a “high end” nice night out.

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3 years ago

It looks like you had a great time at this steakhouse. It sounds like the steak was really good being both tender and and easy to cut. Thanks for sharing

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