Mouthwash and sex

You know how you sometimes see porn stars use spit to lube up their penis and gain smoother entry into the vagina? Well, you may not have experienced or considered this before, but you definitely don’t want to do that after brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth out!

In fact, I’d strongly discourage performing any form of oral sex shortly after cleaning your mouth out unless you rinse the chemicals out really well. You best wait for that cool freshness to fade far away!

Why that is you ask? Well, you know that aforementioned cool minty fresh feeling you get in your mouth when you perform these basic hygiene tasks? Well, that feeling is not going to just stay in your mouth if you put it elsewhere. Yeah, if you then put your mouth, tongue or lips on your partners genitals, that cool minty feeling is then transferred to that area.

Let me tell you, that is not fun at all. The genitals do not appreciate that minty aftertaste! You would think it’s probably easier to rinse it off your penis, but if you get it inside a woman’s vagina, that can be very painful and uncomfortable for them I’m sure. I mean, imagine it going inside the tip of your mantool? Ouch!

I know this might sound trivial and like common sense, but common sense isn’t always common in the heat of the moment! So, there you go, some unsolicited advice on mouthwash and sex.

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