Family Circle Magazine: Move to improve

Family Circle Magazine was looking for some fitness professionals to provide some helpful tips to folks who were just getting into fitness, or looking to start a walking regiment. They called the project, “move to improve.”

24 Hour Fitness tagged me as an expert to provide some advice on protecting your body while getting fit. This segment is available online and on their print magazine.

Q: My knees are bad. Is walking okay for getting in shape?

A: Absolutely—in fact, it’s good for your knees. (So cross that excuse off your list!) “Walking builds up your muscles, helping take pressure off your joints,” says Angel Rodriguez, a group fitness instructor at 24 Hour Fitness in New York City. Try walking with a mix of stretching and strength training on non-cardio days. Start out on softer terrain (like grass or a cushioned track) instead of hard surfaces—and avoid hills.

The full Move to improve piece can be found here.