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MTA CityTicket – Weekend Ride the LIRR from the Boros to the city!

Did you know that you can catch the LIRR from Kew Gardens, Forest Hills, or basically any of the boro stops and ride in between the boros and the city for just $4.50? I only just found out about this from a neighbor whilst complaining about a local train to the city.

During the weekends, our trains, the E/F trains often run local. That can take a 30 minute trip and make it into a 1 1/2 hour nightmare! Imagine the level of concern we felt when we realized that we had to ride the E train local, from Queens ALL the way downtown! OMG.

On our way out, just by chance we ran into a neighbor and he mentioned CityTicket to us when we complained about the upcoming 90 minute commute. This was a God send for us. At first we jumped on the train because we thought we had time. Upon starting our journey we took forever to go just two stops, then at Forest Hills we decided to bail and try this out.

We were able to go the station, buy our LIRR tickets, ride the train over, connect to a local train in the city and we still got their within 30 minutes with 30 minutes to spare! That’s crazy y’all! This CityTicket is the hookup! Sure, it cost a little bit more than a metrocard ride, but the amount of time and stress you save yourself is immeasurable! I knew that I had to share this because I didn’t know about it and I’m sure that many others don’t either.

If you’d like some official news from the LIRR on this cool perk check out this link!

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