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MTA Fare Hike… Again.

So once again, the MTA doesn’t give a damn. They should rename the MTA to the HTA, cause Honey Badger don’t give a f*ck!


The MTA is as relentless as the Honey Badger when it comes fare hikes. They continue to provide the same level of declining service, but keep jacking up the prices.

This time around, the MTA is looking to increase the cost of a monthly MetroCard to $121, up from $116.50. In addition to that, the weekly MetroCard would jump up to $32. Now, that’s only one dollar more than the current price of $31, but take one dollar from millions of riders, and you’ve made yourself a pretty penny. Oh yeah, and basically provide the same service. The 7 Day Express Bus Plus would go up from 57.25 to $59.50. But hey, here’s a break for you, the $1 fee for purchasing a new MetroCard will still be one dollar!

The MTA will have a series of meetings as they work this out, but the fact that they can so specifically lay out their plans, and based on their history, we can pretty much conclude that this is coming our way. They’ll say increased costs, inflation, plus maintenance and repairs cost money. Thing is, we are not earning more money in this economy, our dollars are also subject to inflation, and everything else that comes our way. Yet, we can’t demand an extra dollar times a million, we gotta suck it up. But that doesn’t apply to the almighty MTA. I wonder who’s pocketing the extra cash?

Many people are saying it’s time for a bike, or a car, and I can appreciate that. But, I wonder if these people have actually considered what they are saying. Most people that have cars still commute. I wonder if they have tried parking, or paying for a garage in the city. Plus tolls, insurance, gas, etc. Look, the MTA sucks balls, but frankly, they got us by the balls. Figuratively speaking of course. They have a monopoly on this thing. Until we can derail (hiyoooo) them the way it seems to have been done with the cell phone, phone, and electricity companies, there will be no competition, and frankly, we have no choice but to suck it. Thankfully for me, I only commute a couple of days out of the week. Meh…

Happy commuting.

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