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Muslims demanding free food is pork free

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a group of Somali Muslims in Minnesota that are demanding that the community provide pork free, halal products at their free food shelves. One woman stated that they were using canned products that had pork mixed into it, and because the people couldn’t read they didn’t know. Imam Hassan Mohamed stated that this is about basic human rights. This story reminds me of the individuals fighting with the housing community here in NYC because they want to have a say on how the tax dollars given were spent.

What is it with these people being given free stuff, with our tax dollars, and having the nerve to complain and make demands? This is just another slippery slope, ladies and gentlemen. You give an inch, and the people want a mile. Has the concept of free, or a handout been lost on people? I experienced this quite recently actually. A woman was asking for money that she claimed was for food, so I offered her some of the food that I had just purchased. She looked at me as if I insulted her and then said “I don’t want your food,” I want your money to get what I want to get. Really? Did that woman think that this would gain her any favor with me? I began to walk away and then she said “Ok, I’ll take the food.” I said, “Too late lady,” and continued to walk away.

I am not looking down on poor people, don’t misunderstand me here. However, it bothers me when people who are being given things with my tax dollars have the nerve to make demands. I’d like to have super healthy food provided to me for free, but guess what? I have to work and buy the food that I eat. If the healthy stuff is too expensive, I have to make adjustments. What is wrong with people today?

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