Episode 81 – My favorite Zumba Rhythm

If you are familiar with Zumba, you know that instructors have been directed to use 4 core rhythms in their classes. They are as follows, Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, and Cumbia. There are hybrid and mixed rhythms, but you need to have those four in order to be considered a proper Zumba class.

Of all the rhythms, my personal favorite happens to be reggaeton. I’m 45 years old and I’m Puertorican. That means that I was a kid when Daddy Yankee was first coming out. Back in the old DJ Playero days, your boy was growing up, a Nuyorican in the Bronx. Reggaeton was and is my shit!

Back then, the music was somewhat different, but I loved it. The songs were clearly rip offs of popular reggae songs. Not that this has changed too much. Many of Daddy Yankee’s popular songs are remakes of old songs. “Con Calma” featuring Snow is “Informer” which was actually originally performed by Snow back then! “Muevelo” is a Spanish tweaked version of Ini Kamoze’s “Hot Steppa.” So they still do it, but many artists are putting out their own original content. Bad Bunny for the most part has what I believe are original new songs.

Anyway, I go way back with the reggaeton music. So my playlist has a lot of reggaeton both pure and mixed rhythms. I like the other rhythms, especially merengue, but not as much as reggaeton. Salsa I tolerate, depending on the song. Its really hard for me to find salsa songs to use. Cumbia is basically the same as salsa for me, I tolerate it, but its hard for me to find songs I love. Though I think I like salsa just a bit more.

So what’s your favorite rhythm and why?

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