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My first 24 hour fast

I recently completed a 24 hour fast. I was very surprised that I was not that hungry during the whole day. Except for a few moments in the evening, I felt no real hunger pangs. Considering that my body is conditioned to eating every 3 hours, I never thought I could even survive a 16 hour fast, and definitely not a 24 hour fast.

When I felt hunger later at night I stuffed myself up with water and went to sleep. I made it through the 24 hours and even taught an intense zumba class while within the fasting window. Surprisingly I felt fine.

I’m not sure if this is sustainable or even good for you, but there is a lot of science out there by some really smart people that alleges the many health benefits of intermittent fasting. Studies indicate that it could help us produce more testosterone and reverse some of the signs of aging. I don’t know about you, but for my old crusty ass that’s great news.

For now I’m going to keep fasting for as long as I can, this is my third week doing it. To be honest, as of yet I’ve not really noticed any major improvements. However, I must be honest that I haven’t been fasting every day for 16 hours. Some days I do 12, 14, or 21. It varies, so I’m not sure if that factors in to it. But I’m trying my best to follow protocol and give this a fair chance.

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