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When I started training a few months ago, I had one gi. I realized that if I wanted to train more, I’d need at least one more. In the beginning, two gis sufficed. With the level of training I do outside jiujitsu, along with my dieting, etc, my body could handle no more than two BJJ sessions a week without breaking. However, as I now am able to train longer and harder, I’ve needed more gis.

In this closet I have six gis that range in cost and quality. Some lightweight and some heavier. I am extremely surprised that only a few months in I’ve amassed this many gis. I thought I’d end up with possibly 3 of them, but 6 seems like a bit much.

People talk about gi addictions, and I’m telling y’all, it’s real. Granted, one of them was a gift from a friend who no longer fits into it, and another was a replacement due to a damaged one, but four of them were purchased.

I know that I’m a noob at jiujitsu, and it’s extremely likely that as the years go by, my collection of gis will continue to grow. Thankfully, these days gis are not so cost prohibitive. I recall when I had about 3 from Atama, and all of them cost over $150! Now I have one atama, and several others, some of which cost me about $40. If you are a gi fan, these days you can get three decent gis for the price of what I paid for one in the past.

So what’s your gi collection looking like?

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