My heart aches for a friend

Today I saw someone post a picture saying goodbye to a loved one. A person that I have never met, yet I had seen before. As I looked at the picture, I felt terribly sad. The lady reminds me so much of my mom, her appearance, energy, and that which she battled. I knew I recognized her, but this wasn’t the right friend I recognized her from. I thought maybe I was just confused.

Now, as I scrolled through my Facebook timeline, I notice someone put up a post about the friend I thought I recognized her from. I went and looked at her wall, and I saw that it was her mother. I knew that I recognized that familiar yet unknown, sweet face. I knew there was a reason I felt a sadness as soon as I saw the first post.

Through my Facebook feed I watched her fight, I remember rooting for her, hoping that she would be okay. It seemed as though she got better, and then the posts stopped. I figured that she was okay. I hoped she was good. That is until today when I saw that picture, and my mind started trying to figure out why I recognized her.

I cannot talk about details, this is not my story to share. However, as I sat here, and realized who it was, a person I never met, or knew, I began to sob and shed tears because she is gone. Having recently lost a parent, I know the pain one feels. Having fought similar battles with my own mama who thankfully is still with us, I know the terror and the fear of this disease. My heart aches deeply for them.

Friend, I send you my deepest condolences during this terrible time of grieving. I never met her, but I ache for her too. I am truly, truly sorry for your loss.

Please look at the date on posts, it may be an old view. Growth and change.

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My heart aches for a friend – via @arodomus


My heart aches for a friend