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My puppy #peppathepom scratched her face

My doggy has been scratching herself lately, and sometimes she goes really hard. We trim her nails often, but they grow pretty fast, and on Monday I noticed a nasty scratch under her eye. Thankfully she didn’t hurt her actual eye.

Immediately I began to freak out, my baby was hurt. So we got online with our petsbest insurance vet and explained what happened. They said she should be okay, but if we notice it get smelly, bleeding, etc, we should bring her to vet.

Not satisfied, I decided to call up blue pearl emergency pet care, they told me something similar. However, they said since their paws carry a lot of germs, that we should really keep an eye on her.

I gazed upon my pup, and I saw this cut so close to her eye and I couldn’t take it. At midnight I got dressed and told my wife that I was taking her to the animal hospital. I can’t take chances with my baby. So I brought her in to Blue Pearl, they looked her over, and ultimately provided us some triple antibiotic cream to give her. She was looking better already and I’m glad.

My mind goes to some dark places, and I just couldn’t take a chance with the baby. We brought her back home and prepared her for her spay procedure today. So far she’s okay, the vet told us she woke up and was being held for observation. I’m relieved but still worried about my baby.

In case you haven’t realized it yet, I love and am very protective of my baby girl #peppathepom.

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