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So this weekend was Mama Bear’s birthday, we know that she likes shrimps, so we checked a few places that had shrimp dishes, and chose this one. It’s in the Hell’s Kitchen area, so it’s close enough for both of us to commute to. No, I didn’t see Daredevil there.

This place is small and quaint, feels quite nice and cozy. My wife and I arrived a bit earlier and checked out some pictures online. The food all looked really good, and it also smelled great as it arrived at the other tables.

The gentleman who took care of the front was a one man show, he handled everything and did so quite well. My mom was crushing on him, but that aside, the service he provided was spectacular. Since the restaurant is small, he had to tell a few people that he had no space, but he did invite them to come back in 45-60 minutes. My advice to you is, if you plan to come here, make reservations in advance to secure your table. Same as any other restaurant really.

The food was really good. They had this one appetizer, beef on a stick, that is clearly the mvp of this restaurant for me. That appetizer tasted so damn good it was unbelievable.

For my main course I had this thing called Chaulafán. The dish is made up of shrimp, calamari, pork, chicken, veggies, soy sauce fried rice. This was a good dish, my mom, wife and sister really like it. I enjoyed it as well, but it wasn’t my favorites dish of the night.

I loved that app most, and my sister had some mashed Yucca that I think I would have enjoyed more. But that’s just a preference thing really.

We shared some appetizers, and some were better than others. This shrimp, coconut and plantain dish was interesting, and I liked it.

This one is kind of like what we call an Arepa, and it was really yummy. They call it “tortilla de verde.” This is probably second place in terms of favorites here.

This was like a tamal, and it was made of corn bread and cheese cake. I don’t like cheese cake, but I tried it, and yeah, I don’t like cheese cake.

Overall, I enjoyed this restaurant. The atmosphere was nice, the service was great, and the food was good. Definitely give it a shot, but remember, make a reservation! Also note, I think they are seasonal, so the menu will change with the seasons.

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