I got my hands on a really cool iPad manga app called “Mangaman.” I’ve found nearly all the manga I want to read and then some.

One of the stories I started was some work that was leading us towards the story of Boruto. That’s Naruto’s son. This story focuses on Sasuke and Sakura’s kid, Sarada.

Now the Naruto manga series and anime were both very, very long. I watched one episode of Boruto, and I was enjoying it. But I just can’t commit myself to another decades long story.

That being said, I did enjoy this small spinoff series. Sadly, once again, some pretty bad parenting is leading to kids with some sort of inner conflicts and in this case, daddy issues.

I don’t want to drop any spoilers here, but Sarada is unhappy because Sasuke has been “away” a lot during her life. As such, she doesn’t know him at all and kind of rebels against Sakura. This is more than just teenage angst, I mean the plot, really, really thickens, but if I tell you, then it would be a spoiler.

This was a fun story, but I have to say, these ninja parents really need to get their damn acts together and stop raising messed up kids! Especially when those kids have enough natural ninja powers to destroy entire villages.

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