Native American fights protesters.

What do you think about this? I’m proud to be American, but it’s pretty freaking hard to argue against this guy. We are not a perfect people, and to think we are would be foolish. This guy is telling some truth, and as a non-hypocrite, I have to agree with him. He is right on a few points. I do strongly disagree on his assessment as to what the flag represents. Although, even on that note, it has some truth to it. We came over, and we took the land. That’s the truth, I acknowledge and own it. Though I personally wasn’t involved in the killing of any Native Americans, I feel for them. They got a raw deal, and that’s the damn, naked truth.

On that note, I would state that I don’t want the same thing to happen to us now. So, let’s go ahead and deport all those people that are crossing the border by the thousands, before their diseases, or their Turkey dinner ends up taking us out just the same. Learn from your past, acknowledge what you have done, so that you can properly move forward towards the future.

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